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Dawn Hampton 'Queen of Hearts'


11x17 Print

One of my favorite people and dancers. This was the first card I created and the inspiration to do the rest. 

I am offering this print also with a detailing option. This simply means I will spend time enhancing the print by hand and the number of these I can do is very limited.


1 MORE HERO Issue #1


1 More Hero is a comic book adaptation of my Grandfather, Stanley Stawinski's memoirs from World War II. 

In this first installment, Stanley begins his first term of service in the Fighting First Infantry before the United States enters World War II.  He talks about the time he spent visiting the dance halls of New York City, with my grandmother Evelyn, and, his eventual reenlistment after Pearl Harbor. His journey to Europe on the Queen Mary and his time in the U.K before shipping out to his first of three invasions. 

Stanley went on to talk about his time with the Fighting 1st Infantry, also called The Bloody 1st and The Big Red One. He writes at length about his time in Africa, Sicily and storming the beach at Normandy.


However, what makes this story even more special to me are his reflections on what happened between the battles.  It is a rare piece of the puzzle and one we don't get to see much of in the War movies of today, which are mostly about... explosions. 

I tried to keep the story as he wrote it, adding dialogue for context and to better understand the people who played an important part in his life. My hope is that those who read these books will enjoy and learn from Stanley's experiences as I have. Making our day to day problems feel, perhaps a bit less extreme, and, that even under the worst circumstances a good heart can persevere.